How to Kill Ants in Your Yard

An ant infestation can be a major problem for homeowners. Even if you don’t have a large collection of ants marching around, just a few ants can cause serious damage to any organic matter in your yard. They can quickly infest an area, and some species will even eat away at the foundation of your home. Luckily, if you know what to use against them, you can stop an ant invasion before it gets out of hand. By using the tips in this article, you can learn how to kill ants in your yard and keep them away for good.

You have to decide if you want to kill them or leave them alone. You do not have to use dangerous chemicals or spend tons of money on expensive pest control services. This article will show you the methods for getting rid of ants in your yard and garden easily.

What you should know about ants

There are several types of ants that can invade your yard. Carpenter ants, for example, can damage the wood in your home as they search for food. Fire ants will sting you if you disturb their nests, while Pharaoh’s ants can quickly overrun an area with their large colonies.

Before you start trying to get rid of the ants in your yard, it is important to know which type you are dealing with. Different methods work better against different species of ant. You may even find that more than one method is necessary to eradicate an infestation completely.

Once you have identified the type of ant you are dealing with, it is time to start getting rid of them.

Are ants dangerous?

Ants are not usually considered to be dangerous, but their stings can be painful. Some species, such as the fire ant, can also cause a serious allergic reaction in some people. If you have an ant infestation, it is best to take steps to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Why do you need to get rid of ants?

There are a few reasons why you might want to get rid of ants in your yard. Ants can be annoying and they can also contaminate food. They can also cause structural damage to your home by building their nests near or inside your house.

Ants can also build anthills in your lawn, making it hard to mow or walk on. If you have an anthill in your yard, it’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible. When you notice you have an ant infestation, it’s important to take steps to get rid of them.

How do I kill ants?

There are several ways to get rid of ants permanently. Each method has its own set of pros and cons, so you will need to decide which one works best for your situation. It is important to select the method that will work best for your situation and the type of ant you are dealing with.

There are many ways to do this, but the following methods are some of the most effective:

Use an insecticide

If you want to take a more direct approach, you can use an insecticide to kill ants. Ant killer sprays are available in a concentrated form that will kill the ants more quickly. You need to spray the ant poison in areas where you have seen a lot of ants roaming around. Apply as much as possible in these places as this is where most of the ants will be coming from.

The best time to spray these chemicals is when there is no wind and when it isn’t raining. Spraying these chemicals on rainy days will only lead to the wastage of your products. And the best way to kill ants is to use an insecticide that contains boric acid or borax. This insecticide should be used every two weeks for several months, and you should also spray any areas where you think ants might be entering your home, such as windowsills or doors.

Insecticides containing pyrethrin and rotenone are also effective against ants. Spray them directly at the ant mound; you may have to repeat this treatment if the colony is large.

If you see that there are still some ants wandering around, then you should reapply the chemical after. Be sure to read the directions carefully and only use products that are meant for outdoor use. Insecticides should not be used near food crops or areas where children or pets play.

Use a bait trap

Ants will eat almost anything, so you can use this to your advantage by setting up traps filled with a sweet or sticky substance that they will love. Baiting traps with a sweet or sticky substance will lure the ants into the trap where they will die. You can buy commercial bait traps or make your own using sugar and water.

Use a natural herb

Some plants have been shown to be effective in getting rid of ants. Herbs such as mint, lavender, and thyme can all be used to repel ants. You can either plant them around your yard or use the essential oils from these plants to make a spray that you can apply directly to ant nests.

Destroy their colonies

If there are ants in the yard, it means that they are bringing food back to their colony. So, if you want to get rid of the ants in your yard, then try and find where the trail of ants is leading to. This may be a mound of dirt or somewhere else. Once you have found the colony, you can pour boiling water on it to kill the ants. You can also use a shovel to destroy the mound. Just be careful not to get stung by any of the angry ants.

Use soapy water

If you don’t want to use chemicals or pesticides, you can get rid of ants by using soapy water. Mix some dish soap with water and pour it over the anthill. The soap will kill the ants and also dissolve their nest. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this, as the ants can sting.

You can also try drowning the ants. Pour a bucket of water over the ant hill and make sure to submerge it completely. The ants will drown if they can’t escape. This is an easy way to get rid of an anthill, but you need to be careful not to flood your yard.

Remove food source

Ants are looking for food. So if you don’t provide them with something to feast on, they’ll move along to another location. The key is to make sure that there isn’t an easy food source left behind as you’re getting rid of ants. You should also take extra care when cooking or serving food outside so that ants won’t be attracted to the smell of it.

Reducing the amount of trash and other things around your house can also help with ant infestations. If you regularly have trash cans full of food scraps and other things in your yard, then you’ll want to clean up those areas more frequently and make sure that there isn’t anything for the ants to feed on.

Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural product that can be used to kill ants. It’s made up of tiny particles of fossilized algae that have sharp edges. When the ants walk across it, the sharp edges will cut their feet and legs, causing them to die. You can buy diatomaceous earth at most gardening stores or online. Sprinkle it around the areas where you see ants and then sweep it up after a few days. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this, as diatomaceous earth can also be harmful to your skin.

How to prevent ants from coming to your yard

There are a few things you can do to help prevent ants from coming to your yard in the first place. 

  • Make sure there are no food sources for them. Ants are attracted to sweet, sugary items, so keep your yard clean and free of any clutter or debris that might contain crumbs or bits of food.
  • Use ant repellent around your property; this will help deter ants from coming near your home or yard. You can try using a deterrent like cinnamon or citrus oil, which ants don’t like the smell of.
  • Seal up any cracks or openings in your foundation or exterior walls that ants might be able to use as entry points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if ants are in my yard?

Ants typically build their nests outdoors in the soil near food sources. You may see ant hills, mounds, or trails leading into your yard from elsewhere.

What should you do if you see ants in your yard?

If you see ants in your yard, the best thing to do is try to determine where they are coming from and treat the problem at its source. You can buy ant killer products at most stores.

How do I get rid of an ant hill?

You can remove an ant hill by shoveling it out, pouring boiling water on it, or spraying it with an insecticide.

What if the ants come back?

If you treat the problem at its source and the ants still return, you may need to use a stronger insecticide. Be sure to read the product label carefully and follow all instructions.

Are there any solutions at home to get rid of ants?

You can try a few solutions at home if you are dealing with a small ant infestation. You can pour vinegar or citrus oil on the ants, place cornmeal where they are congregating, or use a solution of soap and water.


To kill ants in your yard, you must first understand why they are coming into your yard in the first place. Ants that invade your lawn are probably doing so because of some food source. That being said, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that they don’t come back again.

It is best to know what kind of ant you are dealing with. You must know that there is over one type of ant in the world, and some will not just leave. You must kill them for good. Also, keep in mind that certain ants are easier to handle than others. Be sure to wear protective clothing when trying to handle fire ants and other harmful types, as they may sting you as protection against your messing with their nests.

The key is to use safe methods for both the environment and children and pets. You will find that it is easier than you might imagine if you know how to keep ants from coming back.