How to Get Rid of Rabbits

Are you frustrated by rabbits digging up your garden? Have you tried everything to stop them but nothing works? Are you thinking of just giving up, and letting them take over the backyard? Or maybe you live in the city and want to get rid of these pests. There is an easy way to solve this problem once and for all.

Rabbits have been a major problem for the last decade. They’re in your lawn, on your front porch, and even in your living room. You can’t ignore them any longer. The time to act is now. How do you get rid of that blasted rabbit? Well, worry no more. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of rabbits, tips to prevent them and more.

How to identify rabbits

Before you can get rid of rabbits, you need to be able to identify them. They are brown or black and have long ears. They weigh about two to four pounds and are six to eight inches long. They can be very tricky to spot, but you will be able to find them if you keep your eye out.

Why do you need to keep rabbits away?

Rabbits can be a big nuisance. They will dig holes in your lawn, eat your flowers and vegetables, and even chew on the wiring in your house. If you have pets, they may also prey on rabbits.

How to prevent rabbits from entering your yard

You can do a few things to keep rabbits out of your yard, which includes:


This is one of the best ways of keeping rabbits out. Fence the perimeter of your property and ensure it is at least six feet high and has a wire mesh on the bottom.

Motion-activated Sprinkler

You can also try installing a motion-activated sprinkler system. When the rabbits come close, they will get sprayed with water, which will scare them away.

Using repellent

You can also use repellents to keep rabbits away. There are a few different types you can buy, but the most effective one is usually garlic spray.

You could put up repellent plants like lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint or marigolds around your garden.

The best way to prevent rabbits from entering your compound is by using a combination of methods: fencing, motion-activated sprinklers, and repellent. If that doesn’t work, you can try trapping them and then releasing them somewhere else.

Ways of getting rid of rabbits

There are several ways to get rid of rabbits, both naturally and through more aggressive methods. The best way to determine which method will work best for you is to assess the situation and choose the option that seems most likely to succeed.


The best way to get rid of rabbits is by using a live trap. You can purchase one at most hardware stores, or you can even make your own. The trap needs to be large enough for the rabbit to fit in and have a food supply inside so that the rabbit will enter the trap.

When setting up the trap, bait it with something the rabbit likes, such as carrots or lettuce. Place the trap in an area where you have seen rabbits before. Be sure to check the traps often, and relocate any captured rabbits to another location far away from your home.

Scare tactics

There are several things you can do around your home and garden to scare away rabbits without harming them. One method is to place aluminium foil or CDs in your garden; when the light hits them, they will shine and create a noisy sound that will frighten off any rabbits lurking around. You can also install fake predator eyes near vulnerable areas such as vegetable gardens; these will make the rabbits think that there is a predator watching them, and they will be scared away.


If you have a lot of land, fencing can be an effective way to keep rabbits out. Make sure the fence is at least six feet high and use wire mesh instead of chicken wire, as rabbits can easily chew through chicken wire. Bury the bottom of the fence several inches into the ground to prevent rabbits from digging underneath it.


There are a few different repellents that you can use to keep rabbits away from your garden. One type is made from hot peppers, and it should be applied directly to the plants that you want to protect. Another option is a scent-based repellent, which can be purchased at most gardening stores. The repellent needs to be sprayed around the perimeter of your garden; it will form a barrier that will keep rabbits away.

Destroy their homes

If you have a serious rabbit problem, one way to get rid of them is to destroy their homes. This can be done by raiding their burrows and filling them in with dirt or spraying the area with a chemical that will kill the rabbits.

Hiring professionals

If you are not comfortable with any of these methods, or if the rabbit problem is too large for you to handle on your own, you can always hire a professional pest control company to get rid of the rabbits for you. This is often the most expensive option, but it is also the most effective.

No matter what method you choose, always be sure to wear gloves and protective clothing when dealing with rabbits, as they can carry diseases.

Tips on How To Prevent Rabbits From Entering Your Property

There are many ways to prevent rabbits from entering your property. Here are some tips:

  • Plant thorny plants along the fence line. This will further discourage rabbits from entering your property.
  • Trim any shrubs or trees that provide cover for rabbits near your home. This will make it harder for them to approach undetected.
  • Place a rubber snake near their burrow; this will scare them off.
  • Spray them with water from a hose; this will also scare them off.
  • Install a motion sensor light near their burrow; this will startle them when they approach.
  • Remove their food sources by trimming your lawn short and removing tall grass, weeds, and plants that they like to eat.
  • Try using predator urine (like coyote or wolf urine) which can be bought at most hunting stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if a rabbit is in my house?

If a rabbit is in your house, try to scare it away by making loud noises or throwing something at it. If that doesn’t work, you can try to trap it and release it outside. If the rabbit is injured, you may need to call a wildlife rehabilitator.

What should I do if I find a baby rabbit?

If you find a baby rabbit, leave it alone! The mother will probably be close by and will take care of it. If you think the baby rabbit is in danger, you can try to move it to an area where the mother is likely to find it. Do not touch the baby rabbits, as their fur may have bacteria that can cause infections.

What attracts rabbits?

Rabbits are attracted to gardens because of the grass and plants. They also like to eat flowers, so they may be drawn to your garden for that reason as well. If you have a vegetable garden, they will also eat the vegetables. They can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

What smells keep rabbits away?

There is no one smell that will keep rabbits away. However, you can do a few things to make your garden less appealing to them. You can use garlic, peppermint, or lavender oil as deterrents.

How do I get rid of rabbits in my yard without killing them?

There are a few things you can do to get rid of rabbits in your yard. One option is to install a fence around your garden. You can also use deterrents, such as garlic, peppermint, or lavender oil. If that doesn’t work, you may need to resort to using traps or killing them.

What should I do if I see a wild rabbit?

Leave the rabbits alone! They are wild animals and can be dangerous. It is best to enjoy them from a distance. If you see that a rabbit is injured or in danger, you can try to help it, but be very careful. Wild rabbits may bite if they feel threatened.

Can I release the rabbits somewhere else?

You can release the rabbits somewhere else, but you need to make sure they are at least five miles away from your home. If you release them too close to your home, they will just come back.


Rabbits do minor property damage, they are fairly clean animals; they mate quite often, and the offspring are usually many. This makes them a particular nuisance to vegetable gardeners. But with the right measures, you can get rid of them and enjoy your vegetable patch in peace.

Above is everything you need to know about how to get rid of rabbits from your garden or backyard. By following the tips and advice in this blog post, you can successfully remove these pesky critters from your property.